That would be me, happy in Botswana, 2010.

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. This is a site for Movie Lovers. Accent on fairness, no cultural snobbery, free of p.c.  Some opinion, some facts, some fun. I’ve somehow managed to see over 6,000 movies and like to share my takes on the stories they tell and the people who tell them.

Academy Award winners and nominations are cited.  I note the Oscars since they’re the industry gold standard, whether you agree with them or not.  Wheezing brouhaha over their relevance, fairness, silliness, oversights, scandals, is chewed to death elsewhere.  Like most fans, I have opinions on the choices and comment on them (for fun).  The Oscars provide—aside from amusement and being a nice way of saying “bravo”—a time capsule of what people in the business felt about peers efforts, and a sort of barometric reflection of critical and public response to a given slice of cinema. Gushing “oh my God, it won seven Oscars: it must be fabulous!” or “those dumb statues don’t mean a darn thing!” are two sides of the aisle that both need to stop kicking my seat.
Figures on production costs and grosses are included with the caveat that they are never 100% reliable (accounting often shifted around by studios to address other worries, punish errant producers, hide, cheat…).  With demonic inflation, things get more screwy to pin down.  I leave it to the reader to factor in that a million bucks in 1952 doesn’t equal the same amount today.  Looking at $$ figures can also help place a film in a greater historical context as to The Market—“wow, it’s so famous, but no-one went to see it!”  A little romantic comedy that cost a million-five in 1962 now swallows sixty times that.  The astronomical grosses today reflect both inflated prices and a doubled population.


Some of my musings you’ll agree with, others you’ll dismiss, but whichever lane you choose, come along on memory trips to steamy jungles, raging seas, distant planets, to boudoirs and battlefields, peals of laughter and screams of fright. Rumble with Jets and Sharks, try to reach ‘The Big W’ before Ethel, see ‘the varmint’ with Linus, take Aqaba by camel and Ft. Knox by Galore.




Larry Pennell, actor



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