Too Much, Too Soon

too much too soon1

TOO MUCH, TOO SOON  has Dorothy Malone giving it the old college try in this poorly produced and directed story about Diana Barrymore, fated to the bottle and despair.  Malone brings her brand of vulnerable sensuality to the role, but she’s defeated by the hackneyed script and has the thunder stolen out from under her by Errol Flynn, as John Barrymore.4777320_l2

Playing his old friend here was one of the actors last roles, and he’s excellent as the disintegrating star. Sad, in that Flynn’s own doom is mirrored in the portrait. Otherwise, the 1958 movie offers little, except Ray Danton doing another of his specialties as a sadistic prick.

Directed by Art Napoleon, co-starring Efrem Zimbalist,Jr., Martin Milner, Murray Hamilton, Neva Patterson, John Dennis, Kathleen Freeman and John Doucette. 121 minutes.18854191.jpg-r_640_600-b_1_D6D6D6-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxx


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